Monday, June 29, 2020

Origami Stars

You can get the children to make the different levels of the star!! Holli and I struggled to do the hard one from the instructions on the sheet, so here are the videos of how to make them. hehe

Good Luck!!




Sunday, March 15, 2020

Afternoon Programme for Tui Future Schools

Hi All here are the links to the learning for this afternoon future school

1. The Internal Cameras in the classes have taken photos of you as you have walked in and shown us here on the teachers mobile app who is here.  Hub/mobile device on eTap.

2.  Singing - Choose from this list of approved Youtube Clips for you to listen and sing you won choice of song

3. Fitness - You have 5 minutes to complete a Just Dance for Fitness

5. Handwriting - Don't do this, there is no such things as Pens in the future.

6. Maths - You have 20 minutes on Study ladder

7. Writing - You are to create a 6 page clip on what schools were like in the past. You are to save images off the internet using the search terms "Schools in the past" and click on the images.

8. Reading - Storybird. Have a read over some stories that other children have written

Extra for experts:
Explore some coding apps on the iPads

Connect with someone from in the class and create a collaborative piece of art work - Show some of those sketching skills we learnt last week

Contribute to the classroom, making sure your desks are tidy, classroom is all packed up and ready for learning tomorrow. The other day we talked about ways of working well with your desk partner to make sure you bother are looking after it, both of your belongings and managing the mess.....I you haven't sorted out a way of working together to make this the best desk possible, maybe you can talk to each other about how you can do this :)

Keynote Mihi. Using the shapes and the animation tools I wonder if you are able to create a short movie on your digital Mihi. Hopefully you have found out:
- Mountain
- River
- Ocean
- Where you were born
- Marae/Tribe
- School
- Mums name
- Dads name
- Your name